Less is More.

Wunderlich WR2

Wunderlich, with its concept motorcycle and technology mule WR2, has created an impressive bike boasting with unexpected ride characteristics.

Hilly landscapes, rocky terrain, stone-covered mountain slopes and washed out dry river beds alternate here. It is hot, the air glints red, the hot dusty wind plays impatiently with ragged bunches of grass. Only the cries of circling vultures and the howling of the wind gusts can be heard in the lonely country side, until a thudding sound is heard in the background. It becomes louder, a trail of dust can be seen, approaching – and then the orange-colored Enduro emerges preceding it. Fishtailing, yet self-determined and with a clear goal in mind, bike and rider dash through the rough terrain.


Giving the appearance of action, fun and adventure, is actually tough work. It has been almost four years since the four time Enduro champion, Dirk Thelen, battled through the rugged terrain of the Sierra Nevada with an unusual Hard Enduro. Riding and testing were the objective, and man and material often reached their limits in this quest. All this was preceded by many innovative ideas and much engineering development. The goal was not only to significantly reduce the weight but also to eliminate the nose-heaviness of the bike, especially for off-road tours. What’s more, the chassis would be tuned in a way that would simply provide more riding pleasure on any terrain. The result was the WR2 – a concept bike demonstrating what the motorcycle enthusiasts from Wunderlich were capable of creating. Based on the BMW R 1200 GS, the folks from Sinzig built an Enduro that was aiming to close the gap between the civilized standard version and the H2 off- road sports machine. Shortly thereafter it was first introduced to the public at the Intermot 2006 exhibition, where it caused quite a stir. After all, the tough WR2 no longer has much in common with the standard bike.

Off-road riding

It does not only weigh 20 kilograms less but the use of a 21” front wheel also endows it with fantastic off-road qualities. By doing without the standard front area and installing a carbon fiber cover with adjustable tilt angle, together with the telescope-like adjustment of the transparent windshield, the WR2 was given an optimal balance. Furthermore, the new rear section with aluminum sub-frame turned out to be extremely light. It carries a single-piece perfectly cushioned ERGO seat and in combination with the adjustable handlebar support and the wide, rotationally mounted Pivot Pegs footpegs it performs true ergonomics miracles and guarantees fatigue-free riding over long stretches. The Xenon light and the twin Stealth rear light minimize the risk from riding at dark, two high-strength yokes provide a perceivably enhanced steering precision and the tough “Extreme” engine protection truly stands up to its name.

Mentioning the engine – The WR2 would not be an accurate example of what Wunderlich stands for if her specialists would not have boosted the engine as well. The Hard Enduro delivers a full 118 HP. The top performance of the WR2 is achieved through the BoxerBoost camshafts, PowerGun exhaust unit, stainless steel manifold as well as the engine control governed by the PerformanceController.

For more product information search your make and model on Wunderlich America to see what off-road modifications you can make to your bike.