In our last post, we talked about how the F650 Single eventually led to  the genesis of the G650 GS. Today, we’re going to take a look at one of the sub-models of the G650 platform, specifically the BMW G650 X Moto.

The G650X series from BMW were produced between 2006 and 2009. There were three models in the line, the X Challenge, the X Country, and the X Moto. Each one can be considered a factory-customized motorcycle intended to excel in a specific area within the capabilities of the standard G650.

All G650X motorcycles were based around the same twin-spark single-cylinder 652cc Rotax engine that was found in the F650 and G650, and each variant was largely identical to the others in terms of frame and suspension. The differences between the models existed mostly in the different body fairings, wheels, and tires. The varying equipment made a huge difference and transformed the standard G650 into three purpose-built machines.

First, the X Challenge was intended as an answer to smaller dirt bikes. Next, the X Country was positioned as a dual-sport scrambler motorcycle equipped to handle everything from city pavement, country roads, and remote trails. And finally, the BMW G650 X Moto was built as an on-road Supermoto motorcycle. Supermoto is a specialty type of motorcycle that is a cross between an off-road motorcycle and an on-road sportbike. Originally, Supermoto was a racing class that aimed to bring the best of off-road motocross and sportbike racers into competition with each other in a series that combined both worlds. Supermoto bikes, like the BMW G650 X Moto, soon became popular because they combined the speed and looks of a sportbike with the ability to handle light off-road duty.

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