The BMW F650 GS was originally introduced in 2000 as the direct successor to the F650 Funduro, and it featured a 652cc, single-cylinder, water-cooled engine producing 50 hp. It developed a considerable following and aftermarket parts market because of its popularity as an affordable and accessible dual-sport touring bike. In 2007, the F-series was homogenized to all use the same 798cc twin-cylinder engine and the F650 GS name was repurposed for a newer generation bike. After 2007, all F-series bikes only differ in equipment and power output. In 2009, however, the original single-cylinder GS was reintroduced with a variation of the original 652cc motor from Rotax. This time as part of the new G-series, its name became G650 GS and it was released with some minor updates to the original motorcycle. These updates included a 3hp bump in power, a stronger alternator, and now standard ABS and heated grips. The BMW F650 GS Twin received a facelift and new standard equipment, becoming the updated F700 GS.

We at Wunderlich America have a full range of replacement parts, aftermarket accessories, and tools to complete and maintain your single-cylinder BMW F650 GS / G650 GS or F650 GS Twin. If you’re taking one of these smaller dual-sport bikes touring, take a look at our selection of rear cases, as well as our famous Elephant tank bag for extra storage and MultiPod navigation mounts for your GPS system. For more comfort and protection on the open road, check out our selection of Ergo Screens, or protect your bike with the H&B Skid Plate and H&B Headlight Grill for when the pavement ends and the brush starts threatening your ride. To get some extra power out of your bike, check out the Wunderlich Performance Controller and pair it with the Remus Header Pipes and HexaCone silencer, or move down some teeth on your front sprocket to shorten the gearing and gain some low-end power. No matter which F650 GS you have, we have the right parts to outfit you. Choose your bike below and start exploring all the options we offer to help you complete your BMW F650 GS.

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