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William’s Tech Tips – Steering Head Bearing Change

Welcome to William's Tech Tips!   Need to replace your steering head bearings?  Here's what you do... The condition of the steering head bearings drastically affects handling and safety. If the bearings are too loose, a dangerous head shake can occur. Often, if you tighten the bearings, the steering will feel notchy, and it will be hard to keep a straight line, especially at low speeds. This can be due to the outer bearings actually having notches worn in, where the bearing rollers make contact. It can also be caused by hardening of the grease, where the stiff grease prevents the bearing rollers from rolling smoothly. Very often, it’s a combination of both, and the steering head bearings need to be replaced for optimal and safe handling. This is a job that you can do yourself with the proper tools. When changing the steering head bearings on your BMW, the most difficult part is removing the old bearings without doing damage to the motorcycle. Here are some tips and suggestions for this job: [Refer to a repair manual for detailed information, torque specs, etc. This is just a generic overview and not intended to describe the entire procedure.] Begin by removing the handlebars, the front wheel, and the fork assemblies. You may also need to remove the front brake assemblies, depending on the model, or maybe you can leave the brake calipers dangling or temporarily secured somehow. Depending on your particular model, you’ll need some rather large sockets or wrenches, [...]

What exactly is the deal with the F650 GS?

In the past few weeks I’ve fielded some questions from a couple of my friends about the F650 GS. With the start of riding season coming up, there are a few motorcycles on the market that have caught their eye. The problem is that several years back BMW made it a little confusing for the uninitiated to figure out exactly what’s going on with the F650 GS. First, let’s take a look at the original F650 GS. This machine, when introduced in 2000, was the successor to the original F650 Funduro from the mid-90s. It’s equipped with a 50hp, 652cc, single-cylinder, water cooled engine with 4 valves and dual overhead camshafts. In GS trim the F650 received a few new features. Probably the biggest change was moving the fuel tank under the seat. The “false tank” up front stored the oil tank, the airbox, and the battery. The body styling was also overhauled to a more modern design. Unlike the Rotax power plant in the Funduro, the engine production for the F650 GS was moved entirely in-house. The F650 GS was pretty advanced for a small-engined motorcycle of the time. It had a computer-controlled fuel injection system, a catalytic converter, ABS, and a tuned airbox. In 2004 the engine received twin spark plugs that improved the fuel economy and power output. It’s a great small motorcycle and perfect if you’re looking for your first bike or something that isn’t as big or bulky as a full-size motorcycle. Unfortunately, BMW discontinued [...]

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