We tried to get a really early start but it didn’t quite end up working as well as we thought. We were on the road at around ten, heading east going towards Utah. The landscapes seemed like more of the same, but once we crossed the border to Utah, the scenery changed dramatically. There were a lot more mountains and the Germans were extremely impressed with the red rock scenery of Utah. After a few hours of driving we came across a very beautiful canyon which was ideal to take some pictures and videos. It was an extremely beautiful area with very light traffic, we took the R1200 RS out, Sven suited up and we ended with some great footage from our photographer Sascha.

It was such a cool spot we ended up being there for quite a while, but we had a way to go until Grand Junction, Colorado so we kept going in hopes of getting to our campsite at a reasonable time. We continued on, snacking on peanut butter jelly sandwiches throughout the day and ended up finding very cool spots. When we were back on the road we covered some ground, Sascha and I decided to pull over and grab some more food from our companions Sven and Thilo in the RV. It just so happened that where we stopped was an interesting tree full of tied together shoes and tires, it was quite a sight and completely random. We ended up spending some time messing with it and trying to add on to the tree as well.

Now since we already stopped a few times we decided we really shouldn’t stop anymore and power through. The scenery only got better, and we ended up with two more stops of wonderful scenery of Eastern central Utah. One of which we brought out the RaceR and had Thilo put on the full racing attire, in which we ended up with some incredible pictures as well.

The stops were well worth it and were completely necessary. We rolled into the Grand Junction KOA a little after nine and were immediately eaten alive by the mosquitoes there. We had planned on grilling but none of them had interest of the mosquito carnage. It was after 10 and the only place that seemed to be open was Burger King, and that’s what we settled for.

We were now in Colorado, so this day wouldn’t be as intense as the others. I insisted we take a bit more of a scenic route, and everyone was on board. The road I wanted to take was redirected to vehicles 32 feet and under. Luckily our RV was exactly 32 feet long, and it was time to head out. Our main stop today was Aspen, and it was great that we stopped. The town was absolutely gorgeous, amazing scenery, architecture, and lovely people.

There happened to be food and wine festival downtown and we stayed around to hang out for about an hour. We could have easily stayed all day, but we still had ground to cover. We took the “ Independence Highway” up through the Rocky mountains which led up to the continental divide of an elevation of over 12,000 feet. There was still a good amount of snow, and it was interesting to feel snow in the middle of June. I even decided to jump in for the hell of it. That was our final pit stop for the day, and soon we were able to see beautiful Pikes Peak in the distance, increasing with size the closer we got.

We arrived at our campsite in a nice little town Manitou Springs, it has ideal location in between Colorado Springs and pikes peak. We arrived at our destination and had fun along the way, but now it is time to get to business and do all we can to excel at this race.