Notes from the Trail

Our team of four left our Wunderlich America headquarters in Watsonville this morning after being treated to an eventful evening Fiesta the prior day.

We were able to fit everything we needed into both the RV and our MBZ Sprinter van, which carried the new BMW R1200 RS and of course the highly sought after RaceR. We set off with our first goal of South Lake Tahoe that evening. Of course,  I had to show the German crew some cool spots before we got there, to ease them into the American lifestyle. The first stop we did was about two hours north in Manteca, Ca – to the famous Bass Pro Shops. They truly had no idea what to expect, but were utterly amazed with what the store had to offer. To them it was really a taste of all things American, camouflage, guns, knives, boats, camping gear and everything else imaginable that is outdoorsy.  This was truly something unimaginable in Germany, and they were all very pleased they were able to see it. We also had to stock up on items for the RV, no place better then Walmart, right? The Walmart Superstore also gave them a good taste and quick transition of the things that we have here in America. After the trip, the RV looked more like a home, especially once the fridge and pantry was fully stocked, – trying to leave room for food and not just beer.

Our next stop was our destination for the night, South Lake Tahoe. We had booked a RV park within walking distance from the beautiful lake. The scenery going through the mountains and forests was absolutely breathtaking, and many photos were taken by our photographer Sascha.

The park was pleasant with a nice location, and we were able to enjoy the scenery, – but didn’t make it much of a long night. We also encountered some technical difficulties with the RV when the sliding side expansion wouldn’t go out, one of the motors ended up being flawed. It was a tighter fit than we had imagined, but we were able to manage it regardless. Both, – the Pikes Peak race and the trip itself is about endurance, we can’t get burned out right away, there is still a lot ahead.

After the photo shoot, it was time to move on, out next stop was Ely, Nevada. We decided to take the “loneliest highway in the world“,  otherwise known as Highway 50. It is a truly amazing sight, the German crew had no clue how much of “nothing” – vast barren landscape – there really can be. It was really something you don’t see every day.

Soon after we encountered a man with a traditional carriage pulled by half a dozen mules in uncomfortable heat directly on the highway. It appeared the man was traveling due to some religious reasons. Regardless it was interesting sight, one more thing to add to the “only in America” list.

We finally made it into the Ely, Nevada KOA in the evening. I had to bring them downtown, and show them the historic mining town. The night ended with a little blackjack and roulette, we knew tomorrow was another day.