Your BMW GS needs to be taken care of, and Wunderlich America has all of your needs in one place. Keep reading for more information on the BMW GS parts and accessories available for purchase.

Description of BMW GS Parts and Accessories

When something goes wrong with your BMW GS, you want to make sure that there is a place for you to order brand new parts that are guaranteed to fit your motorcycle, will not break your pockets, and can be delivered to you in a timely manner. Here are the available BMW GS parts and accessories that can be purchased for delivery.


  • Accessories for comfort and ergonomics – available for purchase are comfortable seats, adjustable shift levers, front screens, peg sets, floorboard sets, paralever arms, and more.
  • Accessories for optics and design – available for purchase are tank pads, drive pivot covers, LED tail lights, fiber heel guards, brake and clutch reservoir covers, license plate holders, splash guard removal covers, and more.
  • Accessories for luggage – available for purchase are tank bags, bag packers, handlebar bags, under the seat bag sets, protection bars, top case racks, and many more.
  • Parts for electrical and lighting – available for purchase are micro floaters, bulbs, LED tail lights, headlight guards and grills, SAE adapter cables, light protectors, and more.
  • Navigation tools – available for purchase are wing bolts, multipods, metric allen bolts, gkare protectors, handlebar mounts, carrier plates, extension spacers, belt loops, and many more.
  • Replacement parts – available replacement parts include filter and maintenance supplies, ignition and charging supplies, suspension and steering supplies, gaskets and seals supplies, clutch supplies, handlebars and controls supplies, electrical and lighting supplies, tires, brakes, and other spare parts that are particular to our brand.
  • General accessories – available for purchase are multifunctional scarves, sparrow air pumps, tie down straps, tire pressure gauges, oil funnels, cable repair kits, bike straps, emblem replacements, and much more.
  • Accessories for bike and rider protection – available for purchase are wind deflectors, case protection bars, skid plates, light protectors, fender rears, head light grills, inner fenders, screen ADVs, lever guards, and more.
  • Lubricants and chemicals – available lubricants and chemicals are motor and gas oil, adhesives and sealants, cleaning and maintenance chemicals, additives, grease, suspension and hydraulic chemicals, paint repair supplies, and other related tools and accessories.
  • Upgrade for better performance – available for purchase are front shocks, street performance line rear shocks, preloaded adjuster rear shocks, and many more.
  • Tools for repair – there are even tools that you can purchase to do your own repairs to your bike. Those tools include wrench sets, socket sets, pliers sets screwdriver sets, battery maintenance kits, measuring tools, and workshop equipment.


By making Wunderlich America your top choice for purchasing your BMW GS parts and accessories, you are certain to not be disappointed with your purchase, our service, and your decision to use this company. We have all of your wants and needs for your motorcycle.