The belt-drive system on the BMW F800 ST is one of its most unique features. Though BMW has typically used chain drive technology for the F-series motorcycles, for the ST, the belt drive is the logical choice. Not only is it much cheaper and easier to maintain, since it doesn’t require the same cleaning, lubrication, or adjustment; it will also last longer, run smoother, and run quieter. Plus, since the belt does not suffer from chain lash, the drivetrain will respond like a more costly shaft drive. These qualities make it perfect for a lightweight sport-tourer like the F800 ST.

Today, we’ll take a look at servicing the drive belt on one of these unique motorcycles. It’s fairly straightforward if you’re handy with tools. Remember, you’ll find your replacement BMW F800 ST belt drive, plus all the other parts you could ever need for your BMW F800 ST at Wunderlich America.

Removing the Old Belt

  1. Begin by removing the 3 Torx bolts that secure the foot-peg assembly. As you remove the bolts, take care not to lose the 3 plastic washers that sit between the assembly and the rest of the motorcycle. Once the bolts are out far enough they will just drop out to the ground. Make sure you catch them.
  2. Up front, remove the 3 Torx bolts that secure the pulley cover to the engine
  3. In the rear, remove the lower belt cover from the swing arm. There is only a single bolt. The rest is secured with clips. Pull it off carefully and take care not to break any of them.
  4. Once the covers are removed, slide the belt of the rear pulley. It doesn’t come off too easily so you’ll have to work it off. Once the belt is off the rear, remove it from the front pulley. Next, slightly lift the top belt cover on the swing arm and slide the belt out from under it.

Fitting the New Belt

  1. Fit the new belt to the front pulley and then along the top of the swing arm. You’ll need to lift the plastic again and gently tuck the new belt under the cover.
  2. Run the belt along the bottom of the swing arm and get it ready to slide onto the rear pulley. To have an easier time fitting it, loosen the two rear hub clamping bolts and the center adjuster bolt. Then push the eccentric adjuster towards the motorcycle to loosen the belt.
  3. Reinstall the foot-peg assembly. Remember the 3 plastic washers on the bolts that go between the assembly and the engine.
  4. Next, readjust the tension on the belt. If you haven’t already done so, loosen the outer clamp bolts on the hub by a maximum of one full turn. Also loosen the center adjuster bolt. Rotate the wheel until the paint marking the highest point on the pulley is at the rear. Next, tighten the center adjuster bolt until the desired belt tension is reached when the bike is under normal rider weight. Next, torque the outer bolts to 10 Nm each and then to 30 Nm. Then loosen the center adjusting bolt and re-torque the outer bolts to 30Nm. Finally tighten the center adjuster bolt to 10Nm to lock the position in.

That’s it, you’re all finished! You’re ready to take your newly re-belted F800 ST for a spin.