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William’s Tech Tips – Final Drive Seal Installation

Welcome to William’s Tech Tips! Need to replace your final drive seal?  Here’s what you do… [This applies to 1970 through 1984 dual shock BMW models.] The final drive seal output shaft is a common source of oil leak, and it’s an easy seal to replace, if you know how. Removing the cover is easy enough; all you need is a couple of M5 bolts to press the cover off by means of the threaded holes in the cover. Knock the old seal out, clean the cover thoroughly, then install the new seal into the cover. At this point, there’s a danger in possibly damaging the new seal when it passes by the many sharp edges of the final drive output splines. The following solution is as cool as it is simple… When you install the cover with the new seal, it’s imperative that the seal settles in its home undamaged. In this case, all you need is a soda can. Carefully cut the end off of the can with some sharp scissors and place it over the final drive output splines.   Place a Soda Can Over the Final Drive Output Splines   Lube the seal with some LIQUI MOLY LM48 Assembly Lube and slide it over the can and into position.  Be sure to heat the cover with a heat gun so that it fits onto the roller bearing without tension.  As soon as the cover is in place, remove the can, and the seal will [...]

William’s Tech Tips – Steering Head Bearing Change

Welcome to William's Tech Tips!   Need to replace your steering head bearings?  Here's what you do... The condition of the steering head bearings drastically affects handling and safety. If the bearings are too loose, a dangerous head shake can occur. Often, if you tighten the bearings, the steering will feel notchy, and it will be hard to keep a straight line, especially at low speeds. This can be due to the outer bearings actually having notches worn in, where the bearing rollers make contact. It can also be caused by hardening of the grease, where the stiff grease prevents the bearing rollers from rolling smoothly. Very often, it’s a combination of both, and the steering head bearings need to be replaced for optimal and safe handling. This is a job that you can do yourself with the proper tools. When changing the steering head bearings on your BMW, the most difficult part is removing the old bearings without doing damage to the motorcycle. Here are some tips and suggestions for this job: [Refer to a repair manual for detailed information, torque specs, etc. This is just a generic overview and not intended to describe the entire procedure.] Begin by removing the handlebars, the front wheel, and the fork assemblies. You may also need to remove the front brake assemblies, depending on the model, or maybe you can leave the brake calipers dangling or temporarily secured somehow. Depending on your particular model, you’ll need some rather large sockets or wrenches, [...]

The Top 3 Most Important BMW Motorcycle Tools To Own

There are plenty of tools in the world that you can use to work on your BMW motorcycle. Ask any mechanic and they’ll tell you that you can never have too many. Any well-outfitted garage will have a myriad of things with names you can’t remember or things that only use to open that one thing with that one particular bolt. You could go on for days thinking of the all the BMW motorcycle tools you’d need to complete every service on your bike, but let’s face it; you don’t have the time or the budget to do that. Besides, by the time you acquire them all, you might as well open your own shop. If you don’t want to quit your day job but still want to be able to perform some basic service on your BMW motorcycle, but without the high price tag of a professional, keep reading. Let it first be said that if you tour with your BMW motorcycle, you should have at least a modest amount of mechanical knowledge about its workings and how to repair it when something goes wrong. If you’re out on the road, sometimes you can’t always rely on help to come get you or fix your ride in a timely manner. Let’s take a look at the 3 most important sets of tools you need for your bike: 1) Socket set with handles and extensions. No matter how many wheels the vehicle you’re working on has, a socket set is [...]

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