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BMW motorcycle enthusiasts know the importance of great parts, accessories, and resources. The riding experience is more than the sum of its parts, and that means that one small change can make or break it. The perfect glove can literally transform your ride into total comfort. The right tour company can change a rider’s life with an incredible experience.

At Wunderlich America, we’re passionate about BMW motorcycle parts. We want BMW enthusiasts to have the best accessories in the world. In this post, we’ve gathered some of our favorite accessories and riding resources. We hope this article will help you take your ride to the next level. Read on!

1. Riding Gloves, Jackets, and Race Suits by HELD


We have been wearing HELD gloves for as many years as we have been riding BMWs. HELD is a family-owned company in Southern Germany that actually started making work gloves. This eventually transformed into motorcycle gloves and today, HELD offers far more than just gloves, but excellent riding gear, apparel and much more.


HELD has also developed Over & Under Technology, which allows riders to stay dry while wearing their HELD gear. This two-piece, detachable outer membrane can be slipped on quickly if it starts to rain. It offers the full flexibility which riders require.


HELD jackets offer comfort, durability, and an impeccable sense of style. With numerous designs in the HELD catalog, there’s truly something for every rider. We can’t recommend HELD jackets enough.


HELD race suits offer riders the ultimate in protection, comfort, and aerodynamics for serious track racing. Tim Thompson of Motorcycle News says of his HELD Race-Evo suit, “Down we go: onto the shoulder, forearm and heel of hand, followed by a 70mph slide… I’d be happy to crash in these again.”



2. The No-Mar Tire Changer


No workshop is truly complete without the ability to change tires. For tire changing equipment that is geared to the home user or small shop all the way up to professional, check our No-Mar! They offer several models to fit the needs of every workshop.


They also offer motorcycle wheel balancers, which allow you to check rotor position, run of rotors, truing of wheels, and more.

See the No-Mar website for more details.


3. Custom-made brake, clutch, and throttle cables from Motion Pro


Motion Pro is the place to go when you need custom-made brake, clutch, or throttle cables. If you’re outfitting your bike with taller than normal handlebars, cables from Motion Pro allow you to adjust your motorcycle’s controls so they stay fully functional.

Motion Pro cables are also great if you need a cable that doesn’t exist or is hard to find. Motion Pro can make a cable for you that is as good as or even better than the original. Their quality, pricing, and turnaround time are fantastic, and their cables are available in a variety of housing options.


Phone: 650-594-9600

Fax: 650-594-9610

Email: cables@motionpro.com

4. Melvin Brake Lines


For top quality stainless steel brake lines, we recommend Melvin. They can supply replacements for your original lines, and they can also build custom hydraulic lines for your bike in a variety of colors. The anodized bolts also come in a variety of colors.

Frisco at the Bay Area Riders Forum reports: “I’ve had her out on the track, and there was no brake fade—something I had noticed with the stock lines.”

Melvin brake lines are available at Max Moto in Emeryville, CA, and at the Melvin website.


5. Cylinder Sleeves from L.A. SLEEVE


When we’re restoring one of our oddball bikes, it usually involves replacing the pistons. For this task, we trust L.A. SLEEVE. Whether two or four stroke, we have been able to install and ride with confidence knowing that the job was done right.

L.A. SLEEVE was founded in 1945 as a family business in Los Angeles. It’s now owned and operated by the 3rd and 4th generations of the original founding family, the Metchkoffs.

We couldn’t be happier with these cylinder sleeves, and we recommend them to all our customers.


6. ColorRite Paint


Rock chips and scratches are always a drag, but we’ve come to trust Color Rite for quality touchup paint that matches the factory finish perfectly. We can’t overstate how important this is, or how difficult it is to achieve factory-perfect paint.

ColorRite offers pens, bottles, aerosol cans, and professional-size cans. That means there’s something for every job, all the way from erasing that minor scratch to restoring (or customizing) an entire motorcycle.

ColorRite has been in business since 1988. Their products are widely used in the motorcycle, ATV, and marine communities. You can buy ColorRite paint on the ColorRite website, or from their partner, Express Paint.



7. Heidenau Tires


Heidenau is a relatively new name in North America, but the company can trace its roots back many years as a German tire manufacturing company. Formerly Pneumant, the company has been producing top quality motorcycle tires since the 50’s. Decades of experience combined with modern production technology result in a word class tire definitely worth checking out!

The K60 Scout, seen above and below, is an especially popular option.


Heidenau offers motorcycle tires in numerous styles, including street, vintage, dual-sport, motocross, race, and sidecar. They also offer moped and scooter tires. For more information, visit the Heidenau Tires website.


8. Protect Yourself with a Schuberth Helmet


Schuberth Helmets are very popular among BMW riders and have been for decades. It was Schuberth that manufactured the old System helmets for BMW in the 80’s. To this day, they still make the BMW helmets as well as a full line of helmets under their own name. In addition to the popular touring helmets, the company also makes racing, industrial, firefighting, and even military helmets.

Schuberth features the apex of protective technology. Their proprietary outer shell is made of fiberglass with a special resin additive forced in under high pressure and temperature. The result is quite possibly the strongest helmet you can wear.


The Schuberth-Rider-Communication-System is particularly innovative. It allows you to talk to your passenger, safely take phone calls, listen to music, and more. With numerous control options, the system configures easily to individual preferences.

For more information, visit the Schuberth website.


9. Rentals and Tours with IMTBIKE


IMTBIKE offers guided and self-guided tours as well as rentals in Spain, Portugal, Morocco, France, and Italy. IMTBIKE is an official partner of Wunderlich as well as BMW Motorrad. They also offer equipment rental, so you can simply fly in and take off!


IMTBIKE has been in business since 1997. They have established and maintained relationships with locals in the regions which they tour, and this translates directly into great experiences for riders. IMTBIKE’s tour guides adhere to the highest standards of BMW Motorrad, and they’re also fun and approachable. They really do love their jobs.

For more information, visit the IMTBIKE website.


10. Helite Airbag Vest


Airbags for motorcycles? Yes, a great breakthrough in passive safety. The Helite vest or jacket will inflate in milliseconds and help protect the rider or passenger wearing the device from serious injury. For its motorcycle safety products, Helite uses an all-mechanical trigger that requires no maintenance. This offers incredibly reliable, near-instantaneous inflation.


The rider simply attaches the tether clip to the vest when mounting. When a crash begins, the tether yanks out the multi-directional key ball. This releases a spring-loaded piston which pierces the CO2 gas cartridge, inflating the airbag.

The airbag will automatically deflate after 2 minutes. Other than needing a new CO2 cartridge, the airbag is completely reusable unless it was damaged in the crash. However, Helite uses supremely abrasion-resistant fabric in all its products. In one test with independent journalists, Helite material survived 6 sliding crashes before it started to show damage.

Purchase on our website WunderlichAmerica.com

You can learn more at the Helite website.


11. Edelweiss Tours


Edelweiss is another great tour company. They offer tours on just about every Continent on many motorcycle brands, including BMW. Edelweiss has 36 years of experience in the worldwide touring community. That means great tour guides, great routes, and a fantastic experience for riders.


Edelweiss offers riders the flexibility to ride with the group for the day, to ride on their own, or to join up with the group and benefit from the expertise of the tour guide. Even better, riders don’t have to pack their luggage on their motorcycle. A support vehicle follows the tour and carries all the luggage. You can focus on what you came to do—ride and experience the beauty of the tour locations.

For more information, see the Edelweiss Tours website.


12. Tecmate Battery Chargers, Connectors, and Electrical Adapters


The world’ best battery chargers and a wide range of connectors, adapters and all sorts of electrical accessories are made by Tecmate. Wunderlich America also carries the full line of Tecmate products.


Tecmate was founded in 1994 in Belgium. They offer a full line of battery charging, battery testing, and troubleshooting and tuning tools for engines in numerous industries.

To view our full line of OptiMate & TecMate products visit our website WunderlichAmerica.com

For more information, see the Tecmate website.


13. LIQUI MOLY Motor Oil


LIQUI MOLY is the number 1 selling brand of motor oil in Germany. The company also manufactures hundreds of other top quality products, including gear oils, greases, additives, and much more. LIQUI MOLY is our favorite manufacturer of lubricants and additives.


If you aren’t sure what oil you need for your BMW motorcycle, you can use the Oil Guide on the LIQUI MOLY website. This tool will narrow down exactly what motorcycle you have. Then it will recommend the specific oils from the LIQUI MOLY catalog that are suitable for your model.

To view LIQUI MOLY’s full Motorbike product lineup visit our website WunderlichAmerica.com

For more information, see the LIQUI MOLY website.


14. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation


The Motorcycle Safety Foundation aims to make motorcycling safer and more enjoyable through lifelong education for beginning as well as seasoned riders. Through government relations, training programs, and community advocacy, MSF helps create a safer riding environment for everyone.

MSF offers numerous do-it-yourself training kits for motorists and motorcyclists, as well as in-person classes guided by qualified instructors. In some states, your Basic RiderCourse (BRC) card may serve as a substitute for the on-bike riding skills test which you have to pass to get your motorcycle license. All training materials and courses from MSF are extremely thorough.

For more information, visit the MSF website.