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If you are new to Wunderlich, we welcome and invite you to explore the many accessories that can open up fascinating possibilities for personalizing your BMW. Or as we like to call it "Completing Your BMW". Most of our products are designed by Wunderlich and made in Germany. These parts are developed with the highest quality standards with emphasis on fitment, functionality, practicality and drivability. We also import items from other European manufacturers to offer a complete array of service and replacement parts, tools and performance upgrades for your BMW motorcycle. This blog is authored by the motley crew of our California shop, - Willie; Mick; Fast Eddy; Big J and Miguel.

Pikes Peak Blog Entry III
Wunderlich America Welcomes Team Wunderlich

Bienvenido á Watsonville – Fiesta Wunderlich Americana The German crew arrived and was shuttled from the airport straight to a Watsonville apple orchard estate to be welcomed by a fiesta with BBQ and Mariachi band centered around the custom bike that will be contending at Pikes Peak. Meet the Crew: Thilo Günther – pilot of the RaceR;  lucky starting number 10; multiple champion of the “Fischereihafen” races in Germany. Eats stainless steel bolts with motor oil for breakfast cereal. Sven -  marketing maven, BMW rider, his award-winning tattoos were applied by – himself while riding a motorcycle. Hans – convoy driver, BMW rider and American football star. Bench presses 350 pds. The dark is afraid of him. Sasha – pro photographer, BMW rider, only photographer to have done a portrait session with Satan, if he would shake your hand - you’d list it on your resume. Mexican style BBQ was on: Anticipation for the Pikes Peak race on June 25th is running high! Willie, the proprietor of Wunderlich America and Thilo. THE TREK TO PIKES PEAK BEGINS

Pikes Peak Blog Entry II
Wunderlich RaceR – Ankunft in Kalifornien!! The Beast has landed!!

It was after midnight at the Wunderlich America shop in NorCal and the employees and crew were anxiously awaiting the killer bike from Germany being trucked up from L.A.  Proprietor Willie stepped outside and gave an encouraging speech to keep the team awake and stoked to be a part of the upcoming race in Colorado: Finally, around 3 a.m., the awesome custom Wunderlich RaceR, “Number 10”, the German competitor for the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb on  July 25th, arrived at our NorCal Wunderlich shop. The Wunderlich crew stayed up late to take delivery of the RaceR, which had travelled Frankfurt to L.A. to NorCal on its journey to Pikes Peak. The Wunderlich team was gladly working overtime to “unpack” this beauty at 3 a.m. in the morning. Settling into Cali, RaceR will be on a tough work-out schedule and protein-oil diet in preparation for the upcoming challenge in Colorado. ? Stay tuned on this blog for a “diary” of the Wunderlich crew’s “Trek to Pikes Peak” from the California Coast to the Colorado Rockies in a convoy of motor homes, trailers filled with slumbering, gleaming, oiled beasts anxious to tear up the Hillclimb, and a savage team of riders on their bikes.  Take part in the adventure of scenic western rides, where you can almost smell the scent of oil & leather, camp fires in the desert, and tin cups of black coffee with sizzling steak & eggs. Think Quentin Tarantino [...]

Visit to Wunderlich Headquarters

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Wunderlich Headquarters, located in Germany between Koblenz and Cologne on the beautiful Rhine river. Driving up to the facility in the morning there was already a row of visiting bikes outside along with some riders who looked like they had come from afar, in gear mulling about.  Located in a quaint village, the Wunderlich facilities are a popular destination for BMW riders due to the picturesque roads through fields and woods and along the Rhine leading to the famed motorcycle parts shop. The facilities include the retail outlet, a conversion shop, warehouse and R&D department along with all things administrative: finance, sales and marketing. Felix Wunderlich was my gracious host and he gave me a tour of the premises. Wunderlich continues to be the premier aftermarket manufacturer and supplier of BMW motorcycle parts. The warehouse was chock-full, literally to the very high ceiling, with Wunderlich motorcycle parts. The loading docks had packages waiting to go out to England, France, Asia and I spotted a stack of crates destined for good old Watsonville, CA , home of our BMW motorcycle accessories shop, Wunderlich America. Meanwhile, the marketing department was busy with preparing promos of a Wunderlich-sponsored racer attending the Pike’s Peak race in Colorado in June. The order processing department was cranking away on computers and headsets fulfilling orders of happy motorcycle enthusiasts ordering everything from tank bags, wind deflectors, gps sunvisors  and handlebar risers to ergonomic [...]

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