A Small Lesson in Materials: CORDURA

Everything you need to know about CORDURA fabric.   In our quest to supply our customers with only the finest quality products, we have decided to use CORDURA in the production of all Wunderlich tank bags and motorcycle bags. What is CORDURA, actually? First of all, it's a brand name from the Swiss company Invista, that invented a special textile woven out of Polyamide (Nylon) that had never been seen in this form before. What is so special? In the manufacturing of CORDURA cut polyamide fibers are re-spun and finally interwoven. This results in a material that is substantially more wear and tear resistant than simply nylon. The slightly abrasive surface gives the material a pleasant, anti-slip feel. It not only dries out quickly but is also water resistant and drops of moisture bead up. What makes CORDURA especially interesting for us is its remarkable abrasion resistance when compared to cotton, polyester  or conventional nylon. Tank bags and other textile bags are continually subjected to extreme conditions on a motorcycle. Moisture, rain, but also sun exposure and mechanical strains continually gnaw away at the material. While other less expensive materials lose their quality and reliability in a relatively short time, CORDURA retains its qualities over a long period of time. Not all CORDURA is created equal. The lightest and thinnest variant that is commonly used in clothing or lightweight bags is CORDURA 330. CORDURA 500 is acceptable for many applications and is often used in the production of luggage. Then [...]