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If you are new to Wunderlich, we welcome and invite you to explore the many accessories that can open up fascinating possibilities for personalizing your BMW. Or as we like to call it "Completing Your BMW". Most of our products are designed by Wunderlich and made in Germany. These parts are developed with the highest quality standards with emphasis on fitment, functionality, practicality and drivability. We also import items from other European manufacturers to offer a complete array of service and replacement parts, tools and performance upgrades for your BMW motorcycle.

The Making of a Tank Bag

Not off the peg The tank bags from Wunderlich are tailor-made for every make of motorcycle. Lots of time, expense and experience has gone into their development. When managing director Erich Wunderlich, works manager Peter Hoppe and product supervisor Felix Abel put their heads together, their creativity knows no bounds. They mull over ideas, make sketches and draft designs before ripping them up, getting into loud arguments and starting the creative process anew. The best example of this is the brand-new tank bag for the BMW F 800 GS. Equipped with years of experience in creating of new luggage systems, these three ingenious minds spent untold hours in Wunderlich's own R & D department as well as on the bike itself in order to find the optimal product for their customers' fuel tanks. The first rounds of discussion resulted in a comprehensive catalog, which contained in black and white all the innovative drafts, ideas and requirements – along with the first sketches and detailed representations of the new tank bag. This collection of ideas then went with the corresponding bike to the German partner company which the Sinzig accessory specialists use for the production of their luggage solutions. There the F 800 GS was given a custom fit-out as the very first sample, the only one of its kind. "This sample is just the basis for further discussion and analysis," explains product supervisor Abel, "We subject it to close scrutiny and always find potential for further improvements. These might, for [...]

Brand New LIQUI MOLY Products at Wunderlich America

We’ve got some great news for all the LIQUI MOLY fans out there. We just unloaded a ton of new products at the warehouse. We’re really excited to bring you some of these cool new products and we’ll have them up on the website very soon. One of the products we’ve been using quite a bit here in the shop is the LIQUI MOLY Oil Sludge Cleaner, which helps remove varnish and sludge from inside the valve train and small passages inside the head and crankcase where it can do some damage. We just picked up an R1100 GS project bike that’s been sitting for a while and to bring it back to life we’ve run a can of the sludge cleaner through it as well as a can of LIQUI MOLY Motorbike Engine Flush. After we flushed the engine and drained the old gas that had been for almost a decade, we also used a can of LIQUI MOLY Motorbike Fuel Additive to restore the idle and clean the deposits out of the tank and the rest of the fuel system. LIQUI MOLY was founded in 1957 in Ulm, Germany, and began specializing in molybdenum disulfide lubricant production for which they received a patent. Molybdenum disulfide not only is an excellent lubricant on its own, it’s also unaffected by corrosive acids and oxidizing environments making it perfect as a motor oil additive for the harsh environment inside of an engine. Engines which are filled with LIQUI MOLY products are [...]

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A Brief History of the Classic BMW F650 Funduro

The BMW F650 and F650 ST were launched in Europe in 1993 and then brought to the United States as  slightly updated models in 1997. The standard dual-sport F650 is commonly referred to as the “Funduro” to distinguish it from other versions and later derivatives of the F650 platform that followed over the next decade. The other bike, the BMW F650 ST “Strada” was intended primarily for street use versus the dual-sport nature of the Funduro. The two are nearly identical mechanically, but the Strada features a smaller 18-inch front wheel. Both of the F650 bikes were jointly designed by BMW and Aprilla, was built by Aprilla in Italy and powered by a carbureted single-cylinder 652cc engine from the Austrian company Rotax. This was the first single-cylinder motorcycle from BMW since the mid-1960’s, and also the first chain-driven motorcycle ever offered by BMW. The engine produced 42 hp, and the power was delivered through a 5 speed transmission to a 17-inch wire-spoke rear wheel. It was paired with a 19-inch wheel in the front. Both the Funduro and Strada were discontinued in 2001 and replaced by the BMW F650 GS and ST, respectively. If you have a Funduro or Strada, we at Wunderlich have everything you need to maintain and customize your BMW F650. We carry a full selection of filters, tools, fluids, gaskets to keep those fluids in place, and all the hardware you need to keep your bike on the road for a long time to come. Our [...]

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The BMW F650 GS: A brief history of singles and twins

The BMW F650 GS was originally introduced in 2000 as the direct successor to the F650 Funduro, and it featured a 652cc, single-cylinder, water-cooled engine producing 50 hp. It developed a considerable following and aftermarket parts market because of its popularity as an affordable and accessible dual-sport touring bike. In 2007, the F-series was homogenized to all use the same 798cc twin-cylinder engine and the F650 GS name was repurposed for a newer generation bike. After 2007, all F-series bikes only differ in equipment and power output. In 2009, however, the original single-cylinder GS was reintroduced with a variation of the original 652cc motor from Rotax. This time as part of the new G-series, its name became G650 GS and it was released with some minor updates to the original motorcycle. These updates included a 3hp bump in power, a stronger alternator, and now standard ABS and heated grips. The BMW F650 GS Twin received a facelift and new standard equipment, becoming the updated F700 GS. We at Wunderlich America have a full range of replacement parts, aftermarket accessories, and tools to complete and maintain your single-cylinder BMW F650 GS / G650 GS or F650 GS Twin. If you’re taking one of these smaller dual-sport bikes touring, take a look at our selection of rear cases, as well as our famous Elephant tank bag for extra storage and MultiPod navigation mounts for your GPS system. For more comfort and protection on the open road, check out our selection of Ergo [...]

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What exactly is the deal with the F650 GS?

In the past few weeks I’ve fielded some questions from a couple of my friends about the F650 GS. With the start of riding season coming up, there are a few motorcycles on the market that have caught their eye. The problem is that several years back BMW made it a little confusing for the uninitiated to figure out exactly what’s going on with the F650 GS. First, let’s take a look at the original F650 GS. This machine, when introduced in 2000, was the successor to the original F650 Funduro from the mid-90s. It’s equipped with a 50hp, 652cc, single-cylinder, water cooled engine with 4 valves and dual overhead camshafts. In GS trim the F650 received a few new features. Probably the biggest change was moving the fuel tank under the seat. The “false tank” up front stored the oil tank, the airbox, and the battery. The body styling was also overhauled to a more modern design. Unlike the Rotax power plant in the Funduro, the engine production for the F650 GS was moved entirely in-house. The F650 GS was pretty advanced for a small-engined motorcycle of the time. It had a computer-controlled fuel injection system, a catalytic converter, ABS, and a tuned airbox. In 2004 the engine received twin spark plugs that improved the fuel economy and power output. It’s a great small motorcycle and perfect if you’re looking for your first bike or something that isn’t as big or bulky as a full-size motorcycle. Unfortunately, BMW discontinued [...]

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LIQUI MOLY Oils: The best for your BMW Motorcycle

LIQUI MOLY was founded in 1957 in Ulm, Germany, on the shores of the Danube. The company began out of a patent that was granted for the production of molybdenum disulfide, a lubricant with extremely low friction and that is unaffected by acids and oxygen. Their first marketed product was an additive using liquefied molybdenum disulfide and was used to give the company its name. More than five decades later, LIQUI MOLY is now the number one leading brand of oil in Germany and it is also our preferred motor oil at Wunderlich. We can assure you that LIQUI MOLY products are the finest available anywhere in the world. The research and testing that goes into each and every LIQUI MOLY product is unparalleled. LIQUI MOLY motor oils and engine additives are engineered for high performance and critical applications to retain their lubricity even in cases of almost complete oil loss. We offer nearly fifty different LIQUI MOLY products and accessories across a wide range to keep your motorcycle running at its best. One of the products we carry is the LIQUI MOLY Racing Bike Oil Additive. The additive is a colloidal, molybdenum disulfide solid-lubricant suspended in refined mineral oil. It specially formulated for use in four-stroke motorcycle engines and two-stroke engines. It can be used in engines that have either separated or mixture lubrication systems. If you’re looking to keep the inside of your engine free of particulate and sludge build-up, try both the LIQUI MOLY Pro-Line Engine Flush [...]

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Why TÜV?

The legal requirements (in Germany) are very precise when it comes to which accessories may be fitted to a motorcycle and which may not. Using components that are not TÜV (Short for German: Technischer Überwachungs-Verein, English: Technical Inspection Association) certified can have fatal consequences. It is well known that there are motorcycle riders who always feel guilty whenever a police car goes by. This is not necessarily to do with the speed they ride at. Often it is simply because of the accessories installed on the bike. Not everything that can be retrofitted to a motorcycle must be approved or blessed by the TÜV in the first place. But when we are talking about parts that increase engine performance, for example, that affect the acoustics or the exhaust behavior, or that alter the contours of the vehicle, things are rather different. In these cases, it is not only a sensible precaution, but also an urgent requirement, to verify the parts and their interaction with the motorcycle. We at Wunderlich go to great lengths to have all of the accessories that we offer tested by the TÜV for their operating safety on the road. This is not always the case in the industry. However, we see it as our duty and our responsibility to our customers to offer only safe accessories. This is a matter of course for us and we know that our customers appreciate our efforts in this area. In the end, it is in the interests of every [...]

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The Wunderlich WR2 Concept

Less is More. Wunderlich, with its concept motorcycle and technology mule WR2, has created an impressive bike boasting with unexpected ride characteristics. Hilly landscapes, rocky terrain, stone-covered mountain slopes and washed out dry river beds alternate here. It is hot, the air glints red, the hot dusty wind plays impatiently with ragged bunches of grass. Only the cries of circling vultures and the howling of the wind gusts can be heard in the lonely country side, until a thudding sound is heard in the background. It becomes louder, a trail of dust can be seen, approaching – and then the orange-colored Enduro emerges preceding it. Fishtailing, yet self-determined and with a clear goal in mind, bike and rider dash through the rough terrain. Giving the appearance of action, fun and adventure, is actually tough work. It has been almost four years since the four time Enduro champion, Dirk Thelen, battled through the rugged terrain of the Sierra Nevada with an unusual Hard Enduro. Riding and testing were the objective, and man and material often reached their limits in this quest. All this was preceded by many innovative ideas and much engineering development. The goal was not only to significantly reduce the weight but also to eliminate the nose-heaviness of the bike, especially for off-road tours. What's more, the chassis would be tuned in a way that would simply provide more riding pleasure on any terrain. The result was the WR2 – a concept bike demonstrating what the motorcycle enthusiasts from [...]

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The Top 3 Most Important BMW Motorcycle Tools To Own

There are plenty of tools in the world that you can use to work on your BMW motorcycle. Ask any mechanic and they’ll tell you that you can never have too many. Any well-outfitted garage will have a myriad of things with names you can’t remember or things that only use to open that one thing with that one particular bolt. You could go on for days thinking of the all the BMW motorcycle tools you’d need to complete every service on your bike, but let’s face it; you don’t have the time or the budget to do that. Besides, by the time you acquire them all, you might as well open your own shop. If you don’t want to quit your day job but still want to be able to perform some basic service on your BMW motorcycle, but without the high price tag of a professional, keep reading. Let it first be said that if you tour with your BMW motorcycle, you should have at least a modest amount of mechanical knowledge about its workings and how to repair it when something goes wrong. If you’re out on the road, sometimes you can’t always rely on help to come get you or fix your ride in a timely manner. Let’s take a look at the 3 most important sets of tools you need for your bike: 1) Socket set with handles and extensions. No matter how many wheels the vehicle you’re working on has, a socket set is [...]

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Product Testing on the GS

Every product that is handed over to Wunderlich's customers has been subjected to an intensive test phase. This particularly applies to the accessories for the large Enduros: the R1200GS and R1200GS Adventure. Whenever Dirk Thelen, four times Enduro master, goes on the hunt for trophies with the powerful two-cylinder in Enduro races in North Africa, it is a safe bet that his BMW has been modified with various parts from the BMW accessory specialist, Wunderlich. These parts are often prototypes that have only just been developed and that are in the middle of the trial phase. The path from the idea to the finished product is a long one. A large portion of this path involves testing, testing and testing again. A current example that is typical for the entire GS Enduro accessory range is the VARIO paralever strut. With this adjustable strut, the rider can choose between new dimensions of manageability or an excellent directional stability in a few steps. Recommending that the original strut is replaced with an aftermarket part engenders a lot of responsibility. The GS specialists can take this on at any time with a clear conscience. The first prototype had barely been individually milled and finished with silver anodized supports when it needs to prove what it is capable of. Enduro ace, Mr. Thelen, dragged his GS and its VARIO struts through the south of Spain for a good week. The modified chassis was spared no torture under the tough conditions on the stony pistes [...]

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