The BMW F650 and F650 ST were launched in Europe in 1993 and then brought to the United States as  slightly updated models in 1997. The standard dual-sport F650 is commonly referred to as the “Funduro” to distinguish it from other versions and later derivatives of the F650 platform that followed over the next decade. The other bike, the BMW F650 ST “Strada” was intended primarily for street use versus the dual-sport nature of the Funduro. The two are nearly identical mechanically, but the Strada features a smaller 18-inch front wheel. Both of the F650 bikes were jointly designed by BMW and Aprilla, was built by Aprilla in Italy and powered by a carbureted single-cylinder 652cc engine from the Austrian company Rotax. This was the first single-cylinder motorcycle from BMW since the mid-1960’s, and also the first chain-driven motorcycle ever offered by BMW. The engine produced 42 hp, and the power was delivered through a 5 speed transmission to a 17-inch wire-spoke rear wheel. It was paired with a 19-inch wheel in the front. Both the Funduro and Strada were discontinued in 2001 and replaced by the BMW F650 GS and ST, respectively.

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