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F to G: What’s changed about the single-cylinder G650 GS?

One of the questions we often are asked is on the difference between a certain pair of motorcycle models. You probably already know what we’re talking about, even if you didn’t read the title. In 2000, BMW introduced the F650 GS as a replacement for the original F650 Funduro from the late 90’s. The new model received an updated version of the old 652cc single-cylinder engine, except now with dual overhead cams and producing 50hp. The biggest changes over the Funduro, however, were probably the new location of the gas tank, now under the seat, and updated body styling. The “false tank” up front stored the oil tank, the airbox, and the battery. In 2004 the engine was updated again with twin spark plugs that boosted the power output as well as the fuel economy. It was a great small motorcycle that offered something much more nimble and easier to ride on the trail than a full-size R or K-series bike. However, the original F650 GS was discontinued in 2007 and was replaced by a whole new line of twin-cylinder F-series motorcycles that carried a similar name but were vastly different. The single-cylinder GS motorcycle was such a venerable hit with small-bike motorcycle tourists that it wasn’t gone for long. In 2009, BMW re-launched the motorcycle as the brand-new BMW G650 GS. This new 650 is truer to its Funduro heritage with the same single-cylinder, Rotax-based, 652cc engine. In G-series trim, however, the engine produces an additional 3hp. In the [...]

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BMW Motorcycle Parts to Protect Your Ride!

We’ve already discussed a few of the great products we have to protect the front end of your R1200 GS when you venture off the pavement. But if you spend more time road touring on your R1200 RT, you’ll need a different type of protection. A paved road, while usually smoother than dirt, isn’t nearly as forgiving if your motorcycle ends up with one of the shiny sides down. That’s precisely why Wunderlich has developed a few key BMW motorcycle parts that will protect your ride when accidents happen. We’ve also included a few of the videos we’ve made that can help you through installation. Wunderlich Engine Protection Bars With the boxer engine that is found on all of the R-series motorcycles, one of the particular dangers that a drop or a skid can bring is damage to the valve covers. Since the cylinder heads protrude pretty far from the frame they’re also one of the first parts to touch the ground in a fall. Dragging the heart of your machine across the blacktop is never good so give it some breathing room with the Wunderlich Engine Protection Bars. For the R1200 RT there are versions for both the original oilhead motor (PN: 8160735-736) and for the later liquid cooled models (PN: 20380101-103). Oilhead installation: LC installation: Wunderlich Rear Protection Bars It’s not just the engine that sticks out from the side of the frame. In the rear, your saddlebags can also take quite a bit of punishment if you [...]

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So You’re Buying a Used BMW R-Series Motorcycle…

The spring is a great time to buy a used motorcycle. You’ll find one for sale everywhere you look. There is often a flood of new ads and listings from people who clean out the garage and want to get rid of an old motorcycle that is taking up space. Many of those used motorcycles are BMW R-series. If you find one that really catches your eye, the next step is to take a look at it and interview the seller. Below, we have some tips that should make your pre-purchase inspection a little smoother. What To Bring: notepad & pen small flashlight shop-rag small socket set Flat & Phillips screwdrivers   Overview When you first start to go over any used BMW R-series, look for evidence that the motorcycle has been dropped. Usually you can see scuffs and scrapes on fairings, valve covers, exhaust pipes, bar-ends, or the handlebar levers. Also, keep an eye out for flaws like cracks in the frame and bent fork tubes. That could be a signal that the motorcycle has been wrecked. Finally, look for any fluid leaks or jerry-rigged repairs. Even though you can check the VIN on any motorcycle you’re considering, part of buying anything second-hand is relying on the word of the seller. You’ll need to assess for yourself if the seller is trustworthy. Ask a question about a flaw on the bike that would be obvious to the owner but not to a first-time buyer, but which you already know [...]

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DIY: Easy Belt Drive Service for your BMW F800 ST

The belt-drive system on the BMW F800 ST is one of its most unique features. Though BMW has typically used chain drive technology for the F-series motorcycles, for the ST, the belt drive is the logical choice. Not only is it much cheaper and easier to maintain, since it doesn’t require the same cleaning, lubrication, or adjustment; it will also last longer, run smoother, and run quieter. Plus, since the belt does not suffer from chain lash, the drivetrain will respond like a more costly shaft drive. These qualities make it perfect for a lightweight sport-tourer like the F800 ST. Today, we’ll take a look at servicing the drive belt on one of these unique motorcycles. It’s fairly straightforward if you’re handy with tools. Remember, you’ll find your replacement BMW F800 ST belt drive, plus all the other parts you could ever need for your BMW F800 ST at Wunderlich America. Removing the Old Belt Begin by removing the 3 Torx bolts that secure the foot-peg assembly. As you remove the bolts, take care not to lose the 3 plastic washers that sit between the assembly and the rest of the motorcycle. Once the bolts are out far enough they will just drop out to the ground. Make sure you catch them. Up front, remove the 3 Torx bolts that secure the pulley cover to the engine In the rear, remove the lower belt cover from the swing arm. There is only a single bolt. The rest is secured with [...]

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Front-End Protection for your R1200 GS

The BMW R1200 GS is the perfect machine to tackle any terrain that sits between you and your destination. From long tracts of smooth pavement, to dirt roads, to single-track woodland trails, it can do it all. But with the versatility of the R1200 GS there also comes some risk of damage to your motorcycle. Sure, skilled riding will keep your bike upright while you’re on it—but small things like low-hanging sticks or kicked-up stones can cause problems. Fortunately, Wunderlich has several products that can protect the sensitive parts of your motorcycle from flying hazards. The first product is the Wunderlich Oil Cooler Guard (8501152-160) for all R1200 GS motorcycles. The the video below shows the version for 2008 and up models, but there is also a version available for 2007 and earlier motorcycles. With the guard installed, the delicate fins of the front-mounted oil cooler on your R1200 GS are protected from damage or puncture from small stones and sticks kicked up in front of you. The Oil Cooler Guard is made from a tough steel mesh sandwiched between two pieces of molded ABS. It installs very quickly in about 5 minutes and is secured in place with just two easy bolts. The oil cooler guard also comes in silver or black so you can choose one to match the style of your motorcycle perfectly. Now, if you’ve ever been unlucky enough to have a stone or rock hit your headlight, you know how much it hurts your wallet. [...]

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The 4 Best BMW Motorcycle Accessories for Touring

Whether you have a brand-new BMW touring motorcycle or one that you have maintained for tens of thousands of miles, Wunderlich America offers many accessories to make your time on the road easier. Below, we have compiled a list of a few of our best-selling accessories for touring motorcycles.   1. Wind Deflector Hands down, our most popular BMW motorcycle accessories worldwide are the Wunderlich Wind Deflectors. One of the most common complaints about the windscreens of BMW motorcycles is that the top edge is not independently adjustable. This can cause turbulence and buffeting noise. That’s annoying at best. At its worst, it’s physically taxing. The Wunderlich Wind Deflector comes in three different sizes, each in tinted or clear Lexan, that allows you to finely tune the trailing edge of your windscreen to eliminate any issue with wind and give you a smoother and more relaxing ride. http://www.wunderlichamerica.com/motorcycle/8110024-025.html   2. Wunderlich Elephant Tank Bag On most motorcycles, storage space is at a premium. It’s part of the price of doing business on two wheels. However, if you’re touring or even just commuting, you’ll need to bring some stuff with you and you’ll need a place to store it. Our most popular piece of motorcycle luggage is the Wunderlich Elephant Tank Bag, which sits conveniently between you and the handlebars. It comes in five colors to match your style and is even removable from the baseplate so you can take it with you when you arrive. www.wunderlichamerica.com/motorcycle/1250920-929.html   3. Wunderlich Sidestand [...]

Performance BMW motorcycle parts don’t have to break the bank!

BMW Motorrad makes some pretty fantastic motorcycles, and for the vast majority of riders who commute or just ride about town for pleasure, their machines are more than enough to get the job done. However, these are still mass produced products that are designed for broad appeal. So, as humans have done since the industrial revolution, we modify and tune to make our machines better. Many times when riders start upgrading their motorcycle, they go all in with tons of expensive parts that don’t actually do anything to help their riding experience. As purveyors of the best BMW motorcycle parts on the web, but we also want you to be completely satisfied with your purchases. Just like you, we want you to get the right parts. We believe your money should never be wasted on something that doesn’t make your BMW motorcycle look or perform exactly the way you want. We also hear from riders who lament the high price tag of extra speed and power. We’ve got news for all you performance hunters out there: performance may not be as expensive as you think. The first modification you should take a look at is a larger rear sprocket for your motorcycle. Most BMW motorcycles have more than enough power to get you around town. If you have one of the S-series bikes, you can potentially reach almost 200 mph. But, if you’re not riding your motorcycle on the track, you’ll never need that much top end power. Switching to [...]

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57th Mid-Rhine Off-road Challenge

Racing in the mud In spite of his Enduro road tires, Dirk Thelen turned in an impressive performance on his Wunderlich F 800 GS in the 57th Mid-Rhine Off- road Challenge. This is the granddaddy of all motorcycle events and took place for the 57th time in 2009. With 175 participants there was a pretty big starting line-up with large numbers of spectators. We're talking about the “Mittelrheinische Geländefahrt” (Mid-Rhine Off- road Challenge). The dynamic MSC Kempenich Motors MSC invited all comers to the Brohl Valley on the edge of the Eifel, including the four-times Enduro champion Dirk Thelen. Wunderlich had prepared a special BMW F 800 GS just for this exciting event. Coming up to the race, the mood in Sinzig was one of quiet confidence. Rider and bike had been optimally prepared; everything seemed in A1 order. All that was missing was the right rear tire; that shouldn't be a problem – or so we thought! The nearer it came to the start of the competition, the more hectic became the search in commercial outlets for a reliable and race-fit original 17-inch rear tire. The team wanted to start the race with kit as close to stock as possible. The FIM (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme), the race's highest arbiter, finally forced the issue by accepting none of the proposed tires for the 17-inch rear wheel. So the people from Sinzig opted for a Metzeler Karoo, which is an Enduro tire exclusively for road use – a courageous decision [...]

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