April 2015 - Wunderlich America Complete Your BMW

The Enduro Guru

Dirk Thelen, multi-time German Enduro champion and winner of the Enduro Rally cup, has a proven partnership with Wunderlich's BMW specialists. Someone who most cherishes the memory of the Christmas celebration where he received his first trial motorcycle simply has motorsports run in his blood. With Dirk Thelen, you may think petrol is running in his veins instead of blood. At any rate, the Christmas gift in 1978 was a good investment because only two years later Dirk joined his first national championship, the youth trials in Ulmen. It only took another three years before he had moved up to an impressive sixth place in the youth trial championship. Hardly 18 years old and his rider’s license in his pocket, Dirk switched to Enduro sport, and now there were no more bounds. Already in the first year he moved up to vice champion in the Enduro cup of the next generation riders. His accumulated more titles over the years: German vice champion in the class up to 400 cc, third place in the Enduro world championship up to 250 cc, several times German champion in the 250 class and then overall winner in the Enduro Rally Cup several times. It was not by chance that Dirk Thelen and Erich Wunderlich met in the course of time. Shared enthusiasm about off-road riding, back then primarily on Yamaha, creates strong bonds. The first joint events followed from this. The first official SuperMoto race on the Nurburgring in Germany in 1991 is unforgettable. [...]

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Wunderlich America’s Custom BMW R nine T: Part 2

We’re back with another video for our custom BMW R nine T renamed the R nineTeufel (devil). Last time we looked at the R nine T we made some important bolt-on modifications. First, we added updated LED lighting in the rear. We improved performance by installing a sportier Remus exhaust and adding a Wunderlich Vario Paralever arm for adjustable suspension geometry. Finally, we put a little bit of a call-back to the legendary styling of the BMW R90S and installed the brand-new Wunderlich Daytona Fairing. Today, we’re delving deeper into our BMW R nine T, but before we get started on our new projects, we’re going to need to get the motorcycle off the ground. For this there is nothing better than the Bursig Center Lift Stand. It’s a high-quality German-made, frame-lift stand that will lift your entire motorcycle vertically and allow you to roll it around the garage or out of the way into a corner. As you can see in the video, tight workshops and even hallways are no problem for the Bursig stand. It also makes even the most routine maintenance like oil changes and tire removal as simple as installing the adapter plate and then lifting your motorcycle with the hand lever. We’re going to be modifying the visual style on the Wunderlich custom BMW R nine T beyond the bolt-on upgrades we made last time and moving into areas that are a little more complicated. All the silver pieces are coming off and are going [...]

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Team WRA

Involved with the HP2 The Team WRA (Wunderlich Racing Activities) with their Wunderlich HP2 is permanently involved in off-road motor sports, achieving considerable success. The official starting signal for the Team WRA was given back in the autumn of 2005. This was the first time that the team with rider Dirk Thelen and an specially prepared Wunderlich BMW HP2 was involved in competition. This was the 53rd ADAC Middle Rhine Off-Road Tour, which, after all, is part of the German Enduro Cup. Although not officially part of the competition, the time spent in preparation was just as important. The team from Sinzig was intensively preoccupied with the preparation and tuning of the HP2. Three rounds of 48 kilometers each had to be mastered on this very demanding terrain. Four additional special tests did not make it any easier for the riders. The fact that Dirk Thelen confidently steered the mighty Wunderlich HP2 to second place in the A-license class, beat only by a KTM 520, was all the grander as the four-time Enduro champion was slowed down by a defective rim in the rear wheel. Naturally, the Wunderlich accessories installed in the HP2 again proved themselves during the tough race; because – as always – the Sinzig company used the contest to test various protection and reinforcement parts on the bike. Less than a year later team and machine faced an even greater challenge, the Swedish Gotland Grand National 2006. With 2500 participants, this is considered the biggest Enduro competition [...]

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Wunderlich America’s Custom BMW R nine T

Hello everyone! We’ve got something really special for you today. We’ve started work on a custom BMW R nine T for Wunderlich America, and we’re going to be putting up some videos so that you can see exactly what we’re doing and watch the transformation for yourself. This R nine T is going to have a really mean look when it’s done, and we’re excited to show you the whole process. One of the first things we did was to add LED lighting to the rear of the bike. We went with the Rhombus Rear Indicators which have integrated brake lights which will give you not only killer looks but some extra visibility. We also used a set of Kellerman Bar End Turn Signals up front to replace the turn signals we shaved from the oil cooler. In the performance department, we’ve gone with a full Remus exhaust that we’ve attached using Wunderlich Exhaust Support Bracket. You can hear a sampling of the exhaust note at the end of the video. We’ve also bolted on a Vario Paralever arm in the rear. This is one of those small things that make a big difference in your motorcycle. Unlike the stock link on the BMW R nine T, the Vario Paralever arm is adjustable so you can lower your ride height in the rear and change your steering geometry and handling of your motorcycle. We made one of the biggest changes to the styling at the very front of the BMW [...]

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The Making of a Tank Bag

Not off the peg The tank bags from Wunderlich are tailor-made for every make of motorcycle. Lots of time, expense and experience has gone into their development. When managing director Erich Wunderlich, works manager Peter Hoppe and product supervisor Felix Abel put their heads together, their creativity knows no bounds. They mull over ideas, make sketches and draft designs before ripping them up, getting into loud arguments and starting the creative process anew. The best example of this is the brand-new tank bag for the BMW F 800 GS. Equipped with years of experience in creating of new luggage systems, these three ingenious minds spent untold hours in Wunderlich's own R & D department as well as on the bike itself in order to find the optimal product for their customers' fuel tanks. The first rounds of discussion resulted in a comprehensive catalog, which contained in black and white all the innovative drafts, ideas and requirements – along with the first sketches and detailed representations of the new tank bag. This collection of ideas then went with the corresponding bike to the German partner company which the Sinzig accessory specialists use for the production of their luggage solutions. There the F 800 GS was given a custom fit-out as the very first sample, the only one of its kind. "This sample is just the basis for further discussion and analysis," explains product supervisor Abel, "We subject it to close scrutiny and always find potential for further improvements. These might, for [...]

Brand New LIQUI MOLY Products at Wunderlich America

We’ve got some great news for all the LIQUI MOLY fans out there. We just unloaded a ton of new products at the warehouse. We’re really excited to bring you some of these cool new products and we’ll have them up on the website very soon. One of the products we’ve been using quite a bit here in the shop is the LIQUI MOLY Oil Sludge Cleaner, which helps remove varnish and sludge from inside the valve train and small passages inside the head and crankcase where it can do some damage. We just picked up an R1100 GS project bike that’s been sitting for a while and to bring it back to life we’ve run a can of the sludge cleaner through it as well as a can of LIQUI MOLY Motorbike Engine Flush. After we flushed the engine and drained the old gas that had been for almost a decade, we also used a can of LIQUI MOLY Motorbike Fuel Additive to restore the idle and clean the deposits out of the tank and the rest of the fuel system. LIQUI MOLY was founded in 1957 in Ulm, Germany, and began specializing in molybdenum disulfide lubricant production for which they received a patent. Molybdenum disulfide not only is an excellent lubricant on its own, it’s also unaffected by corrosive acids and oxidizing environments making it perfect as a motor oil additive for the harsh environment inside of an engine. Engines which are filled with LIQUI MOLY products are [...]

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