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Where Can You Find BMW Motorcycle Luggage Parts?

BMW motorcycle luggage parts and accessories are an important component of any decent motorcycle. If you do not have the necessary luggage bags and other suitable accessories, then you cannot possibly state that your motorcycle is ready for long distance travel. Finding the right bags for your classic BMW motorcycle will take a lot of work and due diligence in order to evade the slew of fake products that have littered many shops ran by unscrupulous dealers who are only interesting in making money, regardless of the effect that their choices and decisions will have on innocent customers. The following are some of the places that you might find BMW motorcycle luggage parts: Authorized manufacturer dealer shops One of the most authentic and trusted source for all your BMW motorcycle luggage parts has to be any authorized dealer shop that procures all its replacements, spare parts and other accessories such as luggage bags straight from the factories of the manufacturer. These dealer shops have contractual agreements with the original manufacturer. This means that anything that you buy for your BMW motorcycle from a BMW motorcycle authorized dealer shop will be authentic and not prone to slight damages that can quickly degrade the value and viability of anything bought for the bike. Other physical shops and stores It is also possible for you to get what you are looking for from other brick and mortar establishments that do not have any contractual agreement with the original manufacturer of the motorcycle parts [...]

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Find Great Prices for BMW K1600 Parts & Accessories at Wunderlich America

Among the classic and iconic cars that the company BMW has manufactured over the years, they've also been producing high quality motorcycles. Dating back to just after World War I, BMW has been manufacturing top of the line motorcycles that are owned by people all over. Motorcycles of this quality require a good amount of both attention and care, and if you’re a U.S resident that owns one of these motorcycles then Wunderlich America is your one-stop-shop for accessories and parts for your BMW. In 2010 BMW announced their new BMW K1600 GT, a motorcycle fit with a new kind of engine and electronic throttle control that can be set to match road conditions. This sleek and sporty model has become a favorite among many BMW motorcycle owners and Wunderlich America has a long line of replacement parts and accessories that allow you to maintain and customize your BMW bike. Some of the parts and accessories Wunderlich America carries for the BMW K1600 GT include: Luggage, Racks & Top cases Windscreens & Wind deflectors Protection Bars Cruise Control Auxiliary Lighting Remus Exhaust Systems Filters Brakes Gaskets and Seals Suspension and Steering Parts Lighting and Electrical Parts Hardware & Replacement Parts Air Pumps Ear Protection Tie-Down Straps Performance Enhancement Parts Click here to check out Wunderlich America’s amazing BMW K1600 accessories prices, or to see what parts and accessories they have in stock. Whether you’re looking to enhance your BMW, personalize it, accessorize it, fix it, or even restore it Wunderlich [...]

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Wunderlich Scrambler: “Racing is life…!”

BMW R 1200 GS LC mutates into a radical Wunderlich-Scrambler With our "Speed Cruiser" based on the HP2 Sport and our naked bike "Piranha," created from an S 1000 RR, we have already demonstrated our abilities to create brutal transformations. Both motorcycles are not only visually striking, they also set new standards in terms of performance and handling. Our new Scrambler demonstrates that our radical concepts are capable of reaching an even higher level of intensity. In cooperation with our partner, the motorcycle specialist from Koblenz, Sport-Evolution, we took a brand new water cooled GS, just after its introduction and disassembled it down to the last bolt and then built up a formidable, dyed-in-the-wool Scrambler. No stone was left unturned: The telelever was sacrificed and replaced by a custom built fork assembly. New camshafts, lighter connecting rods, forged pistons and optimized cylinder heads now carry our their work in a high performance engine. The wiring harness was completely replaced and a more aggressive fuel injection technology installed. The frame, suspension, tank, wheels, seat and so much more was replaced that it is only mentioned here as a side note.. The Scrambler passed all testing on the Sport Evolution Dynamometer with flying colors and we were genuinely blown away with the results. Prior to commencing work, the GS put out a comparatively modest 110 horsepower at the rear wheel.The end result after all of the modifications were complete was a staggering 143 horsepower at the rear wheel—which equates to 152 HP [...]

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