Top Custom BMW Motorcycles of 2015

+11 Tweet45 Share5.9K Pin548 Share13Shares 6.5KIf you’ve kept up with the custom motorcycle scene, you know how hot BMW customs are right now. At Wunderlich America, we’re huge fans of all things BMW, including the mind-blowing customs that keep popping up all over the globe. With 2015 coming to a close, we decided to comb the web for our favorite custom BMW builds from last year. Yes, it’s almost spring—but it really did take us that long to find the best builds of 2015. Here they are—the Top Custom BMW Motorcycles that made the cut. We’ve broken them down into prize categories based on motorcycle type and whether the final product emphasizes vintage or modern styling. We found 20 bikes total–and many, many more that we couldn’t include because of space. To all the great custom shops out there: CONGRATS on a fantastic year, and keep up the good work. CORRECTION: many of these photos were edited by Inazuma Cafe Racer. Our team did not initially realize that the photos we sourced from Inazuma were different from the originals created by the builders. We initially published this article without proper attribution to Inazuma Cafe Racer. We have corrected this problem to the best of our knowledge. Please email Paul Wolf, edtior, press [at] wunderlichamerica [dot] com, with any further corrections. Let’s check out the winners. 1st PRIZE, TOP CUSTOM BMW 2015 Bavarian Fistfighter (Rough Crafts) MODERN CAFE RACERS 1st Prize: HPNineT (High Octane Speed Shop) 2nd Prize: The Heinrich Maneuver (Deus Customs) 3rd Prize: Brown (Johnnie Wash) … Continue reading Top Custom BMW Motorcycles of 2015