As BMW motorcycle owners ourselves, we’re passionate about BMW Motorrad’s precise German engineering and impeccable sense of style.

And we’re not alone. Passionate BMW communities thrive all over the globe, and the web is overflowing with incredible blogs, magazines, and forums about BMW motorcycles. We combed the web backwards and forwards to find the very best websites covering BMW motorcycles. We shocked even ourselves when we found 93—that’s right, 93!

UPDATE: we’ve expanded the list to 99 sites total and added a whole new chapter, “6 Great Wunderlich Affiliate Sites.” See below!

Now, let’s be clear—these aren’t ranked in any kind of order. All of these sites are great. But we had to list them somehow, and numbers make them easier to remember. Plus, with this many websites, we had to organize them into clear-cut categories. Here’s what we chose.

1. is a great site for owners of BMW motorcycles and cars alike. Their mission is “bringing the BMW community together.” With a forum on specifically for BMW motorcycles, what’s not to love?

2. has an awesome forum for sport bike owners. While the site is associated with the Las Vegas sport bike community, a lot of the postings are relevant no matter where you live. Check it out!

3. is a great UK site. We’ll cover the main site later. For now, take a look at the VisorDown motorcycle forum. The forum routinely covers BMW motorcycles as well as other brands. It’s a great resource.

4. The BMW MOA (BMW Club Motorcycle Owners of America) has a gigantic forum over at It’s seriously amazing. Check it out!

5. For BMW Sport Touring fanatics, the forums at are a must-read resource. The website has been “building an online/on-road community since 1998.” In the world of the internet, that’s a long time.

6. has a massive forum. There are threads on all BMW motorcycle series, and members post heavily. It’s a fantastic resource and a great way to get plugged into the BMW community.

7. If you’re into antique, vintage, or classic BMW motorcycles, the forums at are incredible. With a passionate community—and an entire board devoted to “The Incomparable BMW R90S”—you’ll find plenty to feed your vintage hunger.

8. If you’re passionate about BMW luxury touring, then the forums at are for you. You’ll find a great community, plus great discussions about the K series, the GS series, and even some R bikes. Check it out!

9. Over at, they cover every motorcycle imaginable. Luckily, they also have boards devoted specifically to BMW. You’ll find a wealth of topics covered there.

10. has been around since 1994. With forums on every conceivable make of motorcycle, they really cover it all. Their BMW-specific boards are excellent, too. Check them out!

11. For the vintage boxer lovers among us, it doesn’t get much better than the forum at With boards for pre-1955 motorcycles, 1955-1969, and post-1970 airheads, this forum has everything. It’s a great resource.

12. has been “inspiring, informing and connecting travelers since 1997.” This is a great travel-oriented forum, and their BMW-specific boards offer great repair- and service-oriented discussions. Check it out!

13. You guessed it—the forum at is all about the BMW R1200 GS. The community is passionate, and they post actively. With boards for Maintenance and Modification, Accessories, Tires, and more, this forum is loaded with great resources.

14. If there’s one thing we love about the BMW community, it’s the way that each motorcycle develops its own devoted following. The F800 series is a classic, and it doesn’t get much better than the forum at

15. If you’re an RnineT owner, you know why there’s a passionate community centered on this motorcycle. If you haven’t yet seen the forums at, it’s time to get plugged in. This forum is packed with great resources.

16. If you’re passionate about the K1600, then this forum is for you: You’ll find all kinds of posts about tech and performance, lighting and electrical, exhaust and fuel delivery, and more. Enjoy!

17. For general K-series enthusiasts, the forum at is a great resource. The community is active and passionate, and they cover the K12/1300 motorcycles, the K1600s, S1000R, and more. Check it out!

18. For R1200R owners, it doesn’t get much better than the forum at You’ll find all kinds of discussions here, including technical, performance, accessories, suspension and wheels, and classifieds. For R1200R lovers, this is the place.

19. This Yahoo! Group isn’t a forum per se, but it’s a great resource on pre-1970 BMW motorcycles. Highly recommended for the vintage enthusiast.

20. For GS enthusiasts, has great discussion boards. Even if you’re not in the UK, this resource offers great information. Check it out!

21. The forums at have discussions for all the major R-bikes. For owners of the R1200R, R1150R, R1250R, RnineT, and more, this is an incredible resource.

22. The friendly forum over at covers BMW’s sporty boxer motorcycles—the R1100S and R1200S in particular. The forum is UK-based, but again, the info and the camaraderie are great for anyone who’s passionate about these motorcycles.

23. For S1000R owners looking for a great community, is an awesome forum. Again, it’s UK-based, but the information is relevant to S1000R owners regardless of location. Definitely a must-see.

24. The BM Bikes & BM Riders Club (UK) has a great forum at You’ll find all kinds of great info on BMW motorcycles. Highly recommended, no matter what part of the world you hail from.

25. Over at, there’s a great board devoted entirely to European motorcycles. You’ll find heavy coverage of BMW from interesting perspectives. Check them out!

26. covers all kinds of bikes, not just BMWs. But you’ll find tons of great info here.

27. The BMW Motorcycle Club of Nashville (Tennesse, USA) has a great forum on BMW motorcycles. It doesn’t see as much traffic as some of these, but it’s a unique source for great information.

28. BMW Motorcycles of San Francisco has a great forum for all things BMW. In particular, they have a board for the growing community of women motorcycle riders. Check it out!

29. If you’re passionate about BMW motorcycles and cars, is a great resource. They publish all kinds of BMW-focused content.

30. We’re casting a wider net here, but has great coverage of general automotive news—including BMW motorcycles. They publish headline news on new BMW engines, patents, and concept motorcycles.

31. Next up, we have a personal blog, Dale is a former USAAF police officer, a writer and speaker, and an active podcaster. On his personal blog, he writes about BMW motorcycles, cars, and life with these vehicles. His writing is engaging and intelligent. Definitely a must-read.

32. is just what it sounds like—a marketplace for buying and selling motorcycles. As of this writing, there are 370,392 motorcycles for sale on the site. They also have a great blog at Definitely check it out!

33. BikeEXIF is a fantastic online magazine covering customs, concepts, and everything in between. Chris Hunter, a UK expat living in New Zealand, founded the magazine in 2008. We can’t praise this one enough. Check it out!

34. offers “motorcycle news and features from around the world.” They cover all the major makes, including BMW.

35. For great content in the world of powersports, it doesn’t get much better than This online magazine is “an exciting new portal for the currently underserved 20-billion dollar-a-year powersports industry.”

36. doesn’t just have a great BMW forum (mentioned above, #10). They have an awesome general-interest blog, They provide all kinds of motorcycle news, including excellent BMW coverage.

37. Founded in 1974, Rider Magazine has over four decades of publishing history, and the Rider editorial team has over 150 combined years of experience. That means excellent coverage of motorcycle culture, news, and information. Believe us, this is a top-notch resource.

38. doesn’t just have a great forum on European motorcycles. The magazine itself is excellent, with coverage ranging from off-roading to superbikes to concepts and more. Check it out!

39. The World Motorcycle Community has a wide range of Google Plus communities centered around general interest, photography, books on motorcycling, lodging, and trading. Check them out here—and check out their blog, too.

40. For our Canadian readers, offers excellent motorcycle news with a Canadian focus. With news categories for all the provinces, plus International News, Safety News, and more, this site is a great resource.

41. We covered the forums at in #3. Now let’s take a look at the main site. It’s a great UK-based resource for all things motorcycle-related. Check it out at

42. The Selvedge Yard sells clothes and accessories, with a focus on American motorcycling culture. The blog at covers all kinds of motorcycle stories, often vintage-themed. In particular, check out this story of a young woman who rode her BMW motorcycle around the world.

43. Over at, you’ll find a wide focus and serious niche expertise. This site is like a motorcycle-specific search engine. Start here, and you’ll find all kinds of links.

44. This site is just plain awesome. It’s a community posting of stolen motorcycles—with photos and VINs. You owe it to the community to keep your eyes open and check this site frequently for new additions. Get involved, and help someone out!

45. Myrtle Beach Bike Week, LLC, holds two yearly rallies, one in Spring and one in Fall—all along the beautiful Grand Strand of South Carolina. All motorcycles and motorcycle enthusiasts are welcome.

46. The Patriot Guard Riders seek to honor fallen servicemen and servicewomen by protecting the family from protesters at funerals. We really admire this vision, and we highly recommend involvement for those who feel the same way.

47. This one is awesome. is an indie publication covering offroad riding. The coverage is amazing, the attitude is right on, and the graphics are killer. Check it out.

48. For men’s fashion and urban motorcycle riding culture, it doesn’t get much better than Check out their Tumblr at

49. If touring is your thing, The Kickstand Lodge in Stecoah, North Carolina is a great place to stay. With various lodging and rates options, there’s something for every preference. Check them out!

50. The Vintagent is all about vintage motorcycles—like, really vintage. They cover early motorcycle history in particular, with great photos and write-ups. Also check for contemporary builds of early motorcycle designs. Proprietor Paul d’Orleans is also involved in our next listing, so stay tuned!

51. Well, okay, MotoTintype isn’t quite about vintage motorcycles. It’s vintage-styled motorcycle photography. That’s right, you’ll see a photo of a guy sitting astride a custom chopper—in a wet plate photo that looks like the early 1900s. Way cool. Paul d’Orleans from The Vintagent runs this site with Susan McLaughlin.

52. For a great blog on custom motorcycles, check out You’ll find awesome stuff, including many BMW customs.

53. The Kneeslider covers radical new motorcycles, beautiful vintage bikes, and everything in between. Highly recommended.

54. We found several amazing sites dedicated to café racers, and is one of them. The cover everything from vintage to concept. Check it out.

55. GarageProjectMotorcycles has a great Tumblr featuring tons of custom motorcycles. With incredible photography and a wide range of sources, this is seriously inspiring for the customizer in all of us.

56. Want a great photoblog covering custom café racers? Check out It delivers. The photography is top-notch, and the bikes themselves—well, they’re just amazing.

57. Dropmoto’s vision is simple: “Giving you the drop on custom motorcycles and the culture that fuels them.” This photo blog meets those expectations—and exceeds them. Seriously, it’s a great site.

58. For another great photo blog—this one covering BMX, superbikes, café racers, customs, and everything in between—check out ThatYouRide on Tumblr. You can even submit photos and posts to the blog. Get involved!

59. For some awesome customs, including café racers and vintage projects, check out It’s a great photo blog!

60. Let’s face it, ours is a male-dominated interest. How refreshing, then, to find a serious motorcycle blog from a female perspective. Check out FuzzyGalore. It’s a great resource on travel, riding, and the crazy things we find on the road.

61. Cyril Huze is a former marketing entrepreneur turned custom motorcycle builder. His blog at covers the latest in amazing custom motorcycle design. For lovers of customs, this site is a goldmine. Check it out for some inspiration.

62. For the restless traveler in all of us, Motorcycle Paradise is a fantastic blog on touring, the road, and all things travel-related. Blogger Iron Chef lists his location as “Kitchen Stadium, Japan.” What’s not to love?

63. Though it’s now defunct, Andrew Palmer’s blog, Into The Ride, is a great archive of international motorcycle travel. Never mind the lack of new posts—what Andrew has here is great reading for anyone thinking about an international motorcycle trip.

64. For US riders—or for those thinking of coming to the States on a motorcycle tour—Olympia Gloves has a great repeat feature on their blog: “Best Motorcycle Routes In [US State].” These are local routes, meaning they may be off the beaten track. Get the inside scoop from the Olympia Gloves blog.

65. Want a sneak peak into motorcycling riding around Key West, Florida? Michael has a great blog over at He regularly posts great photos, interesting tidbits, and snapshots of life in this great area of the US. Check it out!

66. Gary France, author of France In America, started his blog to document a 21,000-mile motorcycle trip around the US. From there, the blog grew to cover all kinds of travel-related posts. Check it out—and check out Gary’s book, too!

67. Shop Teacher Bob gives us a unique perspective on motorcycles (and on life!). With features on vintage motorcycles, flat track racing, repair, and more, Bob’s tastes are eclectic—which makes for a great blog.

68. What could be more epic than an all-expense paid motorcycle trip to the Himalayas? Himalayan Heroes provides just that. But make sure you read the fine print. This trip isn’t for the rookie rider! Check out

69. Inkradible is a great German blog on European motorcycle travel. You’ll have to know German (or enable Google Translate), but this is a great boots-on-the ground resource.

70. Check out Adventure Rider. This one isn’t a blog, but rather a forum for the motorcycle traveler. With separate boards on Mapping and Navigation, Thumpers, Road Warriors, and more, it’s a great resource.

US – Alabama

71. BMW Owners of Alabama: (BMW owners of Alabama)

US – Tennessee

72. BMW Motorcycle Club of Nashville:

US – Colorado

73. BMW Motorcycle Club of Colorado:

US – Wisconsin

74. Wisconsin BMW Club:

US – Illinois

75. Chicago Region BMW Owners Association:

US – Washington, DC

76. BMW Bikers of Metropolitan Washington:

US – Maine

77. BMW Riders of Southern Maine:

US – Georgia

78. BMW Motorcycle Club of Georgia:

US – Vermont

79. BMW Motorcycle Owners of Vermont:

US – Washington state

80. Washington State BMW Motorcycle Riders:



83. The BMW Club, United Kingdom and Ireland:


84. The BMW Riders Association International: NOTE: they also have a great print magazine, OTL Magazine, for members. Check out a sample issue here. The magazine features great editorial and gorgeous photography.

South Africa

85. BMW Motorcycle Club of Pretoria, South Africa:

86. For a great page with tons of info on the BMW R G/S and GS, check out You’ll find history, wiring diagrams, and more.

87. Blogger Evan Fell does all kinds of motorcycle repair and restoration. He blogs about it at He has owned almost every kind of Japanese motorcycle, as well as European models. In particular, check out this great post on rebuilding a BMW R80 Airhead transmission.

88. For a great German website covering vintage BMWs and European riding, check out It’s a great resource for BMW fanatics—but make sure you brush up on your German!

89. For a fantastic German blog, check out You’ll find great coverage of café racers and racing, plus stunning black and white photography.

90. Here it is—the “big list” to end all mailing lists in the BMW community—the Internet BMW Riders. It was one of the first BMW motorcycle websites in the world, and it’s been going strong since 1993. It’s a great resource for BMW riders. In particular, check out the IBMWR Marketplace for bikes and parts, both for sale and want-to-buy listings. IBMWR also has a handy listing of independent BMW mechanics–another great resource for BMW enthusiasts.

91. This list wouldn’t be complete without The Dean—that is, The Dean of BMW Motorcycle Sites: Proprietor Jeffery Dean has over 550,000 BMW riding miles, and his site features links to all kinds of BMW history, data sheets, the origin of the BMW logo (it may not be what you think!), and more.

92. Though it is currently “closed for repairs” (metaphorically speaking), Doug Klassen’s blog,, is a great archive of life and travel with a BMW R90S. The blog covers 4 decades of stories and photographs. You could easily get lost in here. Check it out!

93. Last but definitely not least, check out Boxer Metal—a great custom shop and website specializing in BMW motorcycle restoration, BMW sidecars, café racers, scramblers, and all manner of vintage BMW motorcycles. This one is a real gem!

Image by Franc licensed under Creative Commons 2.0

94. Wunderlich DE is where it all started. Seriously–we owe them everything! They’ve been supplying the European BMW community with incredible parts and accessories for over 30 years. Auf uns!

95. If you live in Western Canada, Bentley Motorrad is your premier source for Wunderlich-licensed parts and accessories. They’re a Canadian Platinum Dealer, and they also sell BMW, Ducati, Triumph, and Vespa machines. Check them out!

96. In the Southeastern US, there’s no finer BMW motorcycle dealership than Morton’s BMW Motorcycles. Morton’s has sold BMW motorcycles since 1970, and the business has stayed in the family. You’ll definitely want to check them out for BMW motorcycles and Wunderlich-licensed parts and accessories.

97. On the west coast, BMW Motorcycles of San Francisco is a great source for Wunderlich-licensed parts and accessories for your BMW motorcycle. We linked to their forum in the forum section above (see number 28). They’re run by great people, and the service is top-notch. Check them out!

98. If you’re in New Jersey, Cross Country Cycle is a great BMW motorcycle dealership and authorized supplier of Wunderlich parts and accessories. The staff is super-friendly, and you won’t be disappointed. Check them out!

99. In Australia, there’s only one place to go: Procycles. They’ve been in business since 1974. In addition to BMW motorcycles and Wunderlich-licensed parts, Procycles also sells Suzuki and KTM motorcycles and parts. What’s not to love?

Wrap up: Let us know what you think

We just threw a lot of websites at you. But what if there are even more great BMW motorcycle websites out there? Is this list complete, or did we miss something? If you know of a great BMW motorcycle site that we didn’t include, drop us a line at social [at] wunderlichamerica [dot] com. Happy riding!