We’re back with another video for our custom BMW R nine T renamed the R nineTeufel (devil). Last time we looked at the R nine T we made some important bolt-on modifications. First, we added updated LED lighting in the rear. We improved performance by installing a sportier Remus exhaust and adding a Wunderlich Vario Paralever arm for adjustable suspension geometry. Finally, we put a little bit of a call-back to the legendary styling of the BMW R90S and installed the brand-new Wunderlich Daytona Fairing.

Today, we’re delving deeper into our BMW R nine T, but before we get started on our new projects, we’re going to need to get the motorcycle off the ground. For this there is nothing better than the Bursig Center Lift Stand. It’s a high-quality German-made, frame-lift stand that will lift your entire motorcycle vertically and allow you to roll it around the garage or out of the way into a corner. As you can see in the video, tight workshops and even hallways are no problem for the Bursig stand. It also makes even the most routine maintenance like oil changes and tire removal as simple as installing the adapter plate and then lifting your motorcycle with the hand lever.
We’re going to be modifying the visual style on the Wunderlich custom
BMW R nine T beyond the bolt-on upgrades we made last time and moving into areas that are a little more complicated. All the silver pieces are coming off and are going to be sent out either for powder coating or anodizing. Also, the suspension is getting some modification. Up front, in keeping with our visual style, we’ll be fitting the Ohlins Black Front Fork Set and the Ohlins Steering Damper. We’re keeping with the Ohlins treatment in back with their Premium Rear Shock that will be custom built for us by the Ohlins factory trained technicians.

We’re really looking forward to unveiling the mean new look of our custom BMW R nine T and feeling the way it handles now with the Ohlins suspension. Stay tuned and subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up with all our products. We’ll be putting up Part 3 of the Wunderlich custom BMW R nine T soon!