Involved with the HP2

The Team WRA (Wunderlich Racing Activities) with their Wunderlich HP2 is permanently involved in off-road motor sports, achieving considerable success.

The official starting signal for the Team WRA was given back in the autumn of 2005. This was the first time that the team with rider Dirk Thelen and an specially prepared Wunderlich BMW HP2 was involved in competition. This was the 53rd ADAC Middle Rhine Off-Road Tour, which, after all, is part of the German Enduro Cup. Although not officially part of the competition, the time spent in preparation was just as important. The team from Sinzig was intensively preoccupied with the preparation and tuning of the HP2.

Three rounds of 48 kilometers each had to be mastered on this very demanding terrain. Four additional special tests did not make it any easier for the riders. The fact that Dirk Thelen confidently steered the mighty Wunderlich HP2 to second place in the A-license class, beat only by a KTM 520, was all the grander as the four-time Enduro champion was slowed down by a defective rim in the rear wheel. Naturally, the Wunderlich accessories installed in the HP2 again proved themselves during the tough race; because – as always – the Sinzig company used the contest to test various protection and reinforcement parts on the bike.

Less than a year later team and machine faced an even greater challenge, the Swedish Gotland Grand National 2006. With 2500 participants, this is considered the biggest Enduro competition worldwide. A two-cylinder BMW had never started there before. Accordingly, the WRA Team was the focus of significant attention. With the heavy HP2 Thelen held his position in the middle field, against the huge starting squad on light Enduros, until the heavy terrain finally demanded it’s due. The two-cylinder was powerless in the mud holes without other help. Nevertheless, after three long rounds Dirk Thelen finished the WRA stint at an unbelievable 200th overall place and place 150 in class 1. Undoubtedly, no BMW had gone through a comparable toughness test before.

Not getting enough in that exploit, Dirk and his Wunderlich HP2 tackled the Erzberg in Austria in the same year. Anyone who knows the legendary Erzberg rodeo knows what this means. But this time, Dirk was unfortunate enough to strain his ankle, taking a bad fall when loading the motorcycle. In spite of the pain, he managed place 17 in the high-caliber field, surrounded by various world champions and Dakar winners. As if he had not had not enough misfortune, several engine failures of the BMW finally pushed him back in the overall rating to place 30; however, taking around 1000 participants into account, this was still quite a strong position. Four tough rallies and many thousand kilometers of training finally finished the BMW engine, sealed because of the long-term endurance tests.

The impressive record of Dirk Thelen on the Wunderlich HP2 continued as could be expected. The German Enduro Championship started in Uelsen in 2007. Briefly: 170 kilometers of extremely tough off-road tour, definitely no conditions for heavy two-cylinders, and yet, Dirk Thelen – on the narrow forest passages, in deep sand and on slippery meadows – occupied an unbelievable fourth place and in addition, was the best BMW rider.

The deployment of the WRA Team in off-road motor sport clearly documents the competency of the Sinzig folks in regard to motorcycle accessories and optimization. Many parts and concepts are proven in tough continuous operation before they are presented to customers in the comprehensive catalogs. Wunderlich customers can therefore rest assured knowing they are purchasing long-term reliability and top quality.