BMW Motorrad makes some pretty fantastic motorcycles, and for the vast majority of riders who commute or just ride about town for pleasure, their machines are more than enough to get the job done. However, these are still mass produced products that are designed for broad appeal. So, as humans have done since the industrial revolution, we modify and tune to make our machines better.

Many times when riders start upgrading their motorcycle, they go all in with tons of expensive parts that don’t actually do anything to help their riding experience. As purveyors of the best BMW motorcycle parts on the web, but we also want you to be completely satisfied with your purchases. Just like you, we want you to get the right parts. We believe your money should never be wasted on something that doesn’t make your BMW motorcycle look or perform exactly the way you want.

We also hear from riders who lament the high price tag of extra speed and power. We’ve got news for all you performance hunters out there: performance may not be as expensive as you think.

The first modification you should take a look at is a larger rear sprocket for your motorcycle. Most BMW motorcycles have more than enough power to get you around town. If you have one of the S-series bikes, you can potentially reach almost 200 mph. But, if you’re not riding your motorcycle on the track, you’ll never need that much top end power. Switching to a larger rear sprocket brings your gear ratio to a level where more of that power and torque are available at slower speeds. Yes, you’ll lose some high-speed ability. But isn’t it more fun to have power you can actually use?

The second place you should focus your attention is a good set of tires. On a machine which has the sole purpose of moving down the highway, they’re the only parts of your motorcycle that touch the road (at least they should be). Every other piece and part of your motorcycle is designed to maximize and use the traction from your tires. We carry Continental tires here at Wunderlich. They’re some of the best around. The next time you need a set, just add a little more money onto your budget and treat it like any other bolt-on part. The enjoyment you get from the extra spent on a new set of good tires will far surpass most other performance modifications.

Third, get yourself some better brake pads. This is exactly the same as tires: a wear item that you need to replace sooner or later anyway. The stock pads that come with your motorcycle are usually a good balance between longevity and performance. Next time you replace them, spend a little more on a more performance-oriented pad and you’ll get a pretty big upgrade on the stock braking system.

Performance doesn’t have to break the bank. For a little bit more on a few parts you’re going to have to replace anyway, plus a sprocket, you can get a level of performance that would take thousands of dollars of bolt-on parts. It is our mission to get you the parts you need and the parts you want. If you have any questions about the extensive catalog of BMW motorcycle parts that we carry, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You’ll be glad you did.